Land Rover Champions!!!


Juniors U12 • Cup • Sun 6th Nov 11, 10:00AM


Saracens Land Rover Premiership Cup 2012



A huge well done to all the boys involved on Sunday, having gone to a tournament full of unknowns and play each game to an extremely high and professional level, while very rarely over the course of 5 games did the opposition enter our half, let alone threaten the try line, is a testament to how they have learnt and developed as a squad.


Eagles 15 - Fullerians 0

Try: Jordon - 4m

Try: Razor - 13m
Try: Toby - 14m
Conversion: No Conversions Taken

Eagles got off to their normal slightly sleepy start but where soon brought to life by some early counter rucks and once focus the forwards began to win good ball for the backs. Once established the backs began to move the ball down the line well which lead to a deserved first eagles try for Jordon half way through the first half.

Now into their stride the forwards really began to dominate possession in the 2nd half with great rucking and counter rucking. This set the platform for them to start using some set plays which really sapped the energy and deflated the opposition. Mid-way through the second half and after some greet pick and drives the backs moved the ball down the line quickly for Razor to score in the corner. Less than a minute later Eagles where on the attack again and this time drove straight down the middle of the park , after successive  rucks Toby was well placed to be able reap the reward for his early hard work and go over for the try.

Both Charlie and Nemo where particularly fierce with ball in hand, whilst great passing from all the backs with Max especially unlucky to touch down having stepped through the defence short of the line.

Overall Eagles carried on from where we left off last tournament.


Eagles 10 – Tring 0

Try: Jordon - 2m

Try: Nemo - 8m
Conversion: No Conversions Taken

A solid if not spectacular performance was served up against a decent Tring side, in the early stages the intensity might not have been at 100% the forwards where soon woken up when they were driven back off the first few rucks for the first time in a while.

That said Eagles never looked remotely like conceding though more hard yards were made by the forwards. Callum and Cameron contributed well and were always on hand to contribute; Luke and Harry played well all-day and laid a foundation to allow Charlie, Nemo and Toby to go the rampage all day, with each one always in support of the other.

Early in the first half Jordon, who work tirelessly reaped the reward for some good forward work, with the ball moved down the line left him with a side step or two to go over. With the forward s work rate it was only a matter of time before they were driving down the pitch and this time Nemo was placed to take the ball over the line towards the end of the half. Throughout the second half Eagles where consistently probing away at the Tring defence but couldn’t add to their tally of try’s.

Overall the boys did well against a stronger side but will need concentrate and win more ball to beat Saracens.

Eagles 10 - Saracens 0

Try: Charlie - 1m

Try: Jordon - 6m
Conversion: No Conversions Taken

Eagles started there last group game with great intensity and commitment from start to finish which laid the foundation for a deserved win against a tough Saracens side.  Lots of effort up front matched the Saracens forwards and more with the backs looking much the better unit than the last game. Joel, Danny and Greg where beginning to read the play and each other well and formed a tough centre trio to break through, whilst Harrison, Max, Matthew and Razor where find lots of space to run at their defence.

It was a story of two half’s, the first of scoring - A well worked rumble led to a first minute try by Charlie which took Saracens by surprise, and as they recovered from the opener, a cheeky interception by Jordon crowned a great performance.

The second half was full of injury scares, with first Joel spraining his ankle and unable to take part further in the festival and then Nemo doing the same, but fortunately was able to recover in time for the next match. Razor also took a battering and had to be taken off.


Eagles 5 - Ashford 0
Try: Charlie - 7m
Conversion: No Conversions Taken

Having come top of the group, eagles marched onto the semis to play Ashford, which we knew from old would be a tough game and it turned out to be the toughest of the tournament. Though the team didn’t know it at the time only a win would do as a draw would mean Ashford would go through.

Having won the group and concede no try’s Eagles where not about to roll over for anyone and although in the early exchanges the forwards where not a dominant as previously, they held there nerve, soaked up the pressure then began to exert themselves during the half. As with better teams the contact area was heavily contest and a little more congested, but with greater fitness, more mobility and a greater ferocity the forwards took control and as the half was drawing to an end got the breakthrough they deserved. Good running, safe hands lead to some strong drives (at one stage Charlie was carrying one of the Ashford players on his back down the pitch for 8 meters) and this time Charlie took the ball and half the team over the line for a match winning try.

The intensity grew in the second half as an ever increasing desperate Ashford side try to find a way through the Eagles defence and for the first few minutes once lapse in concentration might have led to the try, but no Eagle player gave them a way through. That said Ashford only once found a way down the blind side after a well worked ruck and with their winger through and boring down on the try line, Luke came flying across to take him into touch with a try saving tackle. After that Eagles took the ball and didn’t relinquish it till the final whistle.

A deserved win


Eagles 15 – Old Albanians 0
Try: Matthew - 5m

Try: Nemo - 8m

Try: Jordon - 9m
Conversion: No Conversions Taken

The final saw Eagle play OA’s, who were tipped by the locals as the team to beat, but with the confidence high in the squad and a determination to see out the festival without conceding a try Eagles took to the field.

From the whistle Eagles never looked in danger of losing this game and whilst the scrum wasn’t operating below par as it had done all festival, Eagles forwards again dominated their opposite numbers. Once the platform had been set it was only a question of when the first try would be scored and this came about half way through the half when the ball was taken by Charlie with great support from Toby and Nemo taking one the charge as each the others where brought down took the ball within 10 meters of the line, with Tom back to his best giving the backs quick ball moved the ball out to Matthew on the wing for a simple try. Soon afterwards with yet more pick and goes and great support the forwards where at the line again. This time they were frustrated as twice they went over only to be judged that the ball was held up and to be award a 5m scrum, but at the 3rd time of asking Nemo made sure that the score would count.

At the start of the second half the stuffing was knocked out of the OA’s and any change of a revival stopped in the first minute as Jordon read the play and took another cheeky interception and went the length of the pitch to score.

Eagles played out the half to record a great win and become champions without conceding a try.