Friendly v Battersea Ironsides

Battersea Ironsides 33 – 14 Eagles

Juniors U14 • Friendly • Sun 1st Oct 17, 10:00AM

On a grey overcast Sunday, the mighty U14s visited Battersea Iron-side for a friendly match.

Battersea started the first third with multiple tries. U14s went off the pitch and had a team talk which worked amazingly because in the second third we turned it around and scored two tries; the first coming from James diving over the line and then almost straight after Ronnie scored a great individual try running from one end of the pitch to the other and scoring right under the posts.

The U14s had woken up by now and were playing really well putting in all the tackles and making great runs. In the final third there were a few tries from Battersea but that didn’t put the visitors down and we ended the game still fighting.

Although it was a defeat of 33-14 in total, it was a close game in different sections and we played well.

After the game both teams went back to the clubhouse for a burger and awards. One of the awards went to Patrick for man of the match; one went to Rowan for the best tackle and the last one but not least to Tomsk for the best clear out.  Then we had the forfeits in which Ollie T won the most of them because he had left practically all of his kit in the changing rooms! Overall it was a fun morning and a good game of rugby.

Report by Theo H