Dorking Midi Festival


Juniors U14 • Festival • Sun 8th Oct 17, 10:00AM

Game 1 Effingham v Sidcup; score 10 -5

Game 2 Effingham v Reigate; score 35 – 10

Game 3 Dorking v Effingham; score 25 - 10

Final Game – Dorking V Effingham; score 25 - 5


Today 8th October, was the Dorking Midi Festival which was well attended and in spite of losing the final 2 games to the hosts, a great day out was had by the team and families. All our team played really well!!

Effingham v Sidcup (wearing White)

We got to Dorking at 9am and our first match was against Sidcup. We played really well and I even took down their Number 17 who was a massive player! ☺ The win was ours.

Score 35 – 10

Effingham v Reigate (wearing Blue and Red)

Next game was against Reigate. We played Reigate a few times last season with varying results so there was tension on both sides – all eager for the win We put out lots of great runs but suffered many injuries in the end though we won ☺.

Score 35 – 10 

Effingham v Dorking (wearing Red and White)

Final game was against the hosts Dorking. We were evenly matches but I think they thought they might be the stronger side. We gave them a good game, very scrappy in parts and they won the match. ☹

Score 25 - 10


As Dorking had won all their games and we were second placed we went into the final play off. This was a hard game which Dorking won as by then we had run out of energy!

Score 25 - 5

All our team played really well!!


Man of the match – Rowan Noble

Best Tackler – Oliver Tubb

Best ‘Cleaner Outer’ – Dan Ward

Thank you to the coaches and our wonderful parents!! ☺

Report by Bryn