Effingham and Leatherhead Rugby Football Club (ELRFC) is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children, and adheres strictly to the policies laid down by the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

In the context of minis and juniors training and playing rugby at ELRFC Safeguarding means; “All children are entitled to protection from harm and have the right to take part in sport in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment”.

The Key Principles of the RFU Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy are that:

  • The welfare of the child or vulnerable adult (as appropriate) is, and must always be, paramount to any other considerations.
  • All participants regardless of age, gender, ability or disability, race, faith, culture, size, shape, language or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse or harm.
  • All allegations or suspicions of abuse, neglect, harm and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately.
  • Working in partnership with other organisations, statutory agencies, parents, carers, children and young people is essential for the welfare of children and young people.
  • Children have a right to expect support, and personal and social development delivered by an appropriately recruited, vetted and managed in relation to their participation in rugby union, whether they are playing, volunteering or officiating in the community or professional areas of the sport.

Important Contact Information

Club Safeguarding Officer: Ed Habgood (email)

01372 452751

Surrey County Council Social Services

08456 009009

Urgent Reporting to Child Protection Team

01483 517898

Child in Immediate Danger


RFU Child Protection Helpline or NSPCC Helpline

0800 8005000

Guidelines and Forms

Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy 

The Effingham and Leatherhead RFC Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy can be found here.

Useful Safeguarding Forms

All documents below can be found in the Safeguarding policies and procedures files. The following members have copies of this file: Club Chairman, Club Secretary, Junior Chairman, Mini Chairman and Safeguarding Officers.

Anti Bullying Booklet. Child abuse is broken down into 5 areas Physical, Verbal, Emotional Neglect and now Bullying. If you are dealing with individuals under 18 you should read the attached document to update your knowledge on what is now considered to be the 5th form of abuse.

Parent Guide BookletThe parent guide booklet gives good insight into the expected behaviour of parents involved in Rugby.

Parent Guide Poster. The Parent guide poster can be downloaded and put up on notice boards to increase awareness of the principles underlining mini and junior community rugby today.

Photographic Permission. This form will need to be signed by the Parent / Guardian and young player to permit the taking and publication of photographs and videos.

Photographic PolicyAnyone who wishes to take regular photographs of the children playing rugby should read the club photographic policy.

Event Photographic Registration Form.  If you are going to be taking photographs and/or videos of children (other than your own) then you need to seek permission of the management board and have enhanced CRB clearance. Please fill out the form and wait for clearance before taking any images. This form can also be found on the Safeguarding notice board at club.

Other sources: Safeguarding notice board at club, Coaches and First Aiders kit bag.

Incident Report FormIf you are concerned about a child's safety, please consult the list of Safeguarding Contact Numbers to determine the most appropriate person to contact. These numbers are also available on the club Safeguarding board outside the bar. You may also contact any of the club Safeguarding Officers shown on the Safeguarding Home Page.

Reportable Injuries FormAnyone who is taken to accident and emergency and is then admitted to a ward or unit must have a reportable injuries form filled out.

Other sources: Safeguarding notice board at club and First Aiders kit bag.

RFU Tour Guidelines

The RFU Tour Guidelines can be found here.

Useful Safeguarding Resources

Here are some useful resources for children and parents alike to provide information and support

Children and young adults:

Parents: Helpful information for parents on issues ranging from; childcare to knife crime, from family leisure to divorce

Where to source gum shields.  Rugby shop in the bar area of Effingham Rugby club opening times 10.00 - 12.45 Sunday morning.  Further information on gum shields can be found here and here.